Ever since she was a young girl, Steph has been a force of energy bounding through life's journeys. Fortunate to be educated in the private school system, she found music and theatre to not only be the means to unleash that energy, but also to be a lifelong passion. Music and performing remained an influential part of her life through out high school and college, where she planned to be a music major and possibly, pursue her dream of becoming a music therapist. 

As life would have it though, Steph took a chance and a hard right turn into the home building industry. She started with humble beginnings, filling in for the administrative department at what was then the Wood Valley Development. This evolved into an eighteen-year relationship, with Steph working her way up to Vice President of Purchasing and Operations at DeNova Homes, Inc. Although her boundless love of music continued as a hobby, a new passion emerged using her construction skills to help others with HomeAid Northern California. For many years, Steph helped build and rehabilitate shelters and helped fundraise for the non-profit foundation. It was during this time of service that she found her calling to build a ranch for teens. This ranch was the perfect opportunity to use not only her skills from home-building, but also all her musical and theatrical gifts, and create a non-profit that gives foster and homeless teens a safe haven of their own.   

However, it wasn't until Steph had her first lesson with the therapeutic horses at SpiritHorse Ranch in American Canyon that her non-profit dreams came to fruition. Steph left her foot under a horse, her tiny toes were crushed, and she had her "aha!" moment. It was then that she knew it was time to trade in her corporate heels for a sturdy pair of cowboy boots, ready to get dirty for the sake of those that just needed someone to give them a chance. She was ready to be that someone. 

Steph made her first career change by starting up her own home building company with a business partner, enabling her to fill up some free time with new passions. She finished her college degree at Cal State East Bay, graduating with a major in Liberal Studies and a minor in Human Development. Steph also finished learning to work with therapeutic horses (her toes were fine after all), served on the advisory board of Junior Achievement of America Nor Cal, and finally put together the non-profit Rusty Halo. 

Teens have always had a snug and comfy place in Steph's heart. Not having children of her own, she is bubbling over with love and compassion, and is ready to spill that love all over the teens that need it.