Meet Cody, our newest Rusty Halo team member!


Cody is our newest Rusty Halo team member.  At six months old his favorite past time includes chewing new shoes, fetching his favorite bunny, and pulling the stuffing out of anything still fluffy. He is a sweet natured Australian Sheppard who loves people and is very social.  Cody is being trained to someday pass his good citizenship test so he will be able to accompany the teens as they need. The hope is he can go to court with them as needed and already does a great job of always being underfoot.  When Cody is playing, sleeping, or just hanging around, he is always in or on a lap or sitting on your feet.  He will be mayor of the ranch for sure and will make sure all are welcome.

You can follow Cody on Instagram @CodyBoyBlue

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